How to remove and replace Vanagon Brake Booster

By Ken Wilford

I thought I would write this up as I just did this one today.

1. Remove cover on instrument cluster and plastic dust cover.

2. Unplug everything and remove the instrument cluster

3. Place something on the floor of the van to catch any brake fluid that will spill out (rags, a pan, etc).

4. Unhook the two steel brake lines on the brake master cylinder with a 11mm wrench.

5. Unplug the rubber feed hose that goes from the brake fluid reservoir to the clutch master cylinder.

6. Undo the two 13mm nuts that secure the brake master cylinder to the booster and slide the MC out. Stop here and you have the removal for just the MC. (Easy).

7. Remove the steel line that attaches to the clutch master cylinder (12mm wrench).

8. Undo the two 13mm bolts that hold the clutch master cylinder and pull it down until it comes out. Stop here and you have the removal of the clutch master cylinder.

9. Remove plastic pieces under steering wheel and under dash around the area of where the booster is.

10. Remove the four 13mm bolts that secure the booster bracket to the firewall (there is one in each corner).

11. Unhook the two bolts that hold the steering column to the dash. Also unhook the two 10mm bolts that secure the other end of the two steel straps that are above the brake booster.

12. Move the two steel straps out of the way.

13. Pick up on the booster and you will get a better look at the rear of it. The pin that holds the booster linkage to the pedal linkage is secure with a cotter pin on the driver’s side.

14. Remove cotter pin and push retaining pin releasing the booster linkage from the pedal linkage.

15. Unhook the four 13mm bolts that hold the booster to the aluminum pedal mount.

16. Unhook the vacuum line on the brake booster.

17. Pick the booster up and out of the dash.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Please print this out and put it in your Bentley. Feel free to offer suggestions to make this How-to better.