We need your help!

As you can see Vanagon.com is relaunching in the Word Press format for 2017!  This is great because it makes it very easy for me to add information and articles to the site.  When I was moving information from the old site onto this new one, the problem I am running into is that the information on the old site is very dated.  For example, they listed many different brands of tire working with the Vanagon, and that was true back around the year 2000.  However in 2017 I could only find 3 that were properly rated and currently being sold.  I need your help writing up to date articles for this site.  I want vanagon.com to be the repository for Vanagon knowledge in the universe.  The first place a new Vanagon owner or potential Vanagon owner can come and find out about their van from the experts.  If you can write an article, please send me a message through the site.  I will review it, edit it if necessary and post it with your name on the article.  You will become immortalized in the annals of Vanagon history, and also reap the rewards of the love of all Vanagon owners everywhere.  We will benefit from your wisdom and experience.  It is a win-win.  Please think about how you can help and then let me know.  Sincerely, Your gracious Admin.