4 thoughts on “vanagon.com.sticker”

  1. Actually… this bothers me, as I think it bothered the author of the article. I love my van and I love camping in it, or in a tent or occasionally perhaps a ranger cabin, but the van is just a means to the end of getting out and seeing the world in a different way. My partner and I proposed to each other on our first (and still longest) road trip, we raised our nephew and niece and then our own kids to love camping and the great outdoors. I love the community of campers that you meet along the way, I love sharing the little tricks of camp cooking and camp life that you learn. The people interviewed for this article have found a way to monetize all of this and it’s clear from the interview that what they’re doing is anything but authentic; they’re living life in a goldfish bowl, for profit, always thinking about how every move will look on social media. Sorry but to me this isn’t camping, it’s marketing and by commercializing the experience it debases it.