Vanagon Ignition Switch Replacement

By Ken Wilford

Here is how to remove and replace your Vanagon ignition switch.

1. Unscrew the two retaining screws for the bottom steering column plastic cover and remove it.

2. Pop the cover off of the center of the steering wheel by gently pulling it toward you and once it is removed, unplugging the horn wires.

3. Undo the nut that holds the center of the steering wheel on (a large one- 24mm?).

4. Mark the steering wheel with a marker on the metal that is around the center and the center shaft so you can put it back exactly as you removed it.  I use a line so you can just line the two parts back up.  Now remove the steering wheel, it will just pull toward you and come off without a puller.

5. Reach around the column and unplug the plugs for the ignition switch and the wiper, blinker switch, etc.

6. Insert your key into the ignition and turn it to “on” position.

7. Undo the allen bolt that holds the ignition switch housing to the column.

8. Undo the slotted screws that hold the blinker/wiper arms to the assembly and remove the arm assembly.

9. Gently pry the plastic the center spacer off the central shaft.  I go back and forth with a large flat head screw driver until this can be removed without damaging it.

10. Pull the ignition switch housing toward you off of the steering column.

11. Ignition switch will become accessible now with a small phillips head screw driver from the rear.

12. Reinstallation is reverse of removal 🙂